Day 1 — Egilstaddir and onto Stöðvarfjörður

I set three alarms to make sure I’d be up in time to make my flight at 7:30. The flight was leaving from the Reykjavik City airport, a wonderful small airport located about 200 yards from my hotel. The only problem was that the two hundred yards included a major four-lane highway and several runways. To get there was several miles going around the obstacles to get there.

Ordinarily, that wouldn’t be a problem, but one of the wheels on my bag was kind of shredded (which explains why I had so much trouble moving it through the airport). Luckily I was able to figure out a way to roll the bag that (mostly) didn’t use the broken wheel. So off I went.

The flight was packed (with some sports team from Egilstaddir returning home from a match in Reykjavik). One hour on a prop plane and we were there in Egilstaddir.

There were four of us doing the Fish Factory residency on the plane and we had a couple of hours to wait before our ride, so we all wound up in the upstairs lounge of the airport, drinking tea, hanging out and chatting about where we were from, what we did in real life, and what we hoped to accomplish in Stöðvarfjörður.

Then we went to the supermarket to buy a week’s worth of groceries. This was a challenge for me because in Los Angeles, I have a huge supermarket six blocks from me and I’ve gotten into the bad habit of going there for an item or two (sometimes twice a day). I made a grocery list and picked out all the items, then stared at them and thought I’d be out of food within two days. So I bought some more stuff. I seemed to do okay. Hopefully it’ll get better and easier in coming weeks.

So, now I’m here.

Unpacked, met my other housemate, took a nice long walk around the town, ate some dinner, worked on the first story of the 30 I hope to write here, and fell asleep.

More later.