TL; DR Project Iceland is a Go!

I’m going to Iceland to create an immersive, multimedia art project. And I want you to come with me (virtually).

I fell in love with Iceland even before I went there for the first time. The photos and videos drew me in. The writers and musicians convinced me it was an amazing place.

And my first trip there (just a few weeks after 9/11) did not disappoint. Over the years, I’ve found myself drawn back to Iceland again and again.

In February, my wife Amy did an artist residency in the Eastfjords and I came to visit her at the end of it. Once again, I was mesmerized by the light (not to mention the Northern Lights at night) and the intense beauty of the land.

In spending a few days there, I felt inspired and reinvigorated and soon began thinking of projects that I could do in and about Iceland. I applied to do a residency at the same place in the Eastfjords where Amy was in February and was accepted — so, I’ll be back there for the entire month of November.

One of my core beliefs is that human beings are hard-wired to tell (and listen to) stories. Stories help us learn about our societies and teach us about the world around us, about others, and ultimately about ourselves. The best stories (dating back to when we gathered around around campfires to tell stories thousands of years ago) are ones that help us more deeply understand and appreciate what it means to be human.

In formulating a new plan for this project, I realized that I balance everything I write and create (in every medium) on a strong sense of place, community, and emotion.

To that end, in November I’ll be returning to one of my favorite places in the world to create brand-new, original stories that are deeply grounded in the natural beauty of Iceland. I know the area will seep into my bones (as it always has) and inspire a series of tales that reflect the wonder and awe of the human experience and the beauty and fragility of the Eastfjords.

Eventually, there will be a book. But in November (and in the months leading up to it) there will be videos, photos, and more than a few surprises.

This promises to be an epic, fantastic journey. And I can’t wait to bring you along to share in the process (and show you the intense beauty of the land).

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  1. So excited for you! Funny, I’ll be in Oaxaca for most of November. What a wild contrast this forms in my mind: fire vs. ice, sun vs moon, awe vs ¡ai-yai-yai! I’ll envy you the Northern Lights, but not the Sorels. Joining your mailing list and awaiting amazement…

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