Day 3 — Stöðvarfjörður

Another long hike, this one up to a waterfall in the hills above town.

I got to where I could see the waterfall, but there was a wide stream that stopped me from getting there.

Here are a few photos from the hike:

I took the Sitka P. Coldfoot Memorial Drone with me, but it was too rainy and windy to fly. Hopefully tomorrow.

During the hike, I worked out the general outline of the story I wanted to write yesterday, so I went down to the Fish Factory building and spent a few hours writing it. At first, I was in the general room where most of the artists work, but after the amazing things I’d seen in the morning, not having a few frustrated me.

Then I remembered my favorite room in the building, which has several huge windows that look out onto the fjord.

So… I went up there.

I set up a chair and my laptop so I could look out on the fjord.

And I finished that story, which was directly inspired by the hike — and particularly the determination to keep going, step by step, at least until the stream stopped me. (For those of you scoring at home, that’s the third story in three days, which is basically the pace I’m hoping to keep up.)

By the way, here’s the actual view from when I was sitting in that chair:

Hoping there might be a bit of a break in the rain tomorrow morning so I can fly the Sitka P. Coldfoot Memorial Drone.

More later…

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