Day 7 — Stöðvarfjörður (and points west)

Here’s the most important thing:

I took a nice long walk in the morning, this time going west.

After the misadventure with the Sitka P. Coldfoot Memorial Drone yesterday, I’m waiting fora very low wind day before I try again. The good news is we’re supposed to have some clear skies this weekend. So I’m hopeful for some good drone weather and some Northern Lights.

Since I’ve been here, we’ve had pretty much 100% cloud cover and rain/sleet/snow the entire time.

Anyway, I took a walk north because even though it was cloudy and windy, there was a brief period of only light drizzle.

Then it was back to the Fish Factory, where I wrote another original story (that’s seven in seven days for those of you keeping track at home).

And, yes, it was completely cloudy all day.

More later.

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