Day 9 — Shopping Day (Stöðvarfjörður to Egilstaddir and Back)

9 people. One van. One hour to Egilstaddir where one woman was dropping a few sculptures at a gallery and someone else was heading to the airport to meet her boyfriend.

I took a walk in the morning, did some more work, and then we spent basically four hours going shopping and coming back.

Fun fact: the sky cleared up as soon as we got through the tunnel and onto the other side of the mountains. Every other part of Iceland has had clear skies and amazing Aurora displays except the part of the Eastfjords where I am. And of course, as soon as we came out of the tunnel on the way back the weather was rainy and cloudy again.

Hoping the weather clears up over the weekend so we can get some good Aurora action.

In the evening, I wrote another story. That’s nine in nine days. (Nine first drafts, anyway.)

It seems like riding in a van for hours shouldn’t be exhausting, but it kind of is. Oh well.

More later.

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