Day 11 — Stöðvarfjörður

Today, I did it.

I forced my ass out of bed a little after 7 when it was still dark.

I got ready and was out the door around 7:15 when the first signs of dawn were just peaking over the horizon in the east.

Like most sights in Iceland, what I saw was breathtaking. The crescent moon hung low in the sky as the pink light appeared and intensified. I remember an English class in high school where we read Odysseus (I think) and one of the phrases used was “rosy-fingered dawn.” I’ve seen sunrises and dawn before, but never truly appreciated that phrase until today.

And then, while the sun was slowly trying to get over the horizon, I stood by the edge of the water and I watched the waves. This was unbelievably peaceful.

After I got back to the house and drank warm tea, I did laundry, flew the Sitka P. Coldfoot Memorial Drone to get some more footage, and went down to the Fish Factory.

Inspired by the Crescent Moon, I wrote a story called “Moon.”

And I stomped on some ice in a frozen puddle.

Life is good.

More later.

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