Day 12 — Stöðvarfjörður

It was the day of the long hike.

The very, very long hike that went up probably about 3,000 feet or so.

I started at the fjord and went up behind the blue church and up into the fields towards the snow.

Every few hundred feet of elevation gain, I thought I’d just go up a little more and then turn around. But every time I kept seeing something that looked like it would be good just a few hundred yards ahead. Eventually, when I came to the waterfall with the rock that looked like a skull, I turned around.

Going down was both easier and harder. It was easier to get my bearings and see better where I wanted to go, but the downhill got hairy in a few places.

And there were several streams that I had to cross and recross a bunch of times in order to make sure I’d wind up where I wanted to be and not miles and miles down the road.

Here’s a few videos from the hike:


And a few stills from the long hike, while we’re at it:

After I got back, I took a hot shower, had some lunch, went down to the Fish Factory and wrote a story about climbing up into the mountains.

A pretty good day.

And then we saw the northern lights overnight for the first time.

(Hester, one of the other artists here, took the bright green shots. I took the other two that are fainter.)

More later.

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