Day 14 — Stöðvarfjörður

Another day without too many photos, just a lot of work in the studio.

I did audio recordings of two of my favorite stories (so far) up in the recording studio, went for a short hike, came back and wrote the first draft of the 14th story in 14 days. (Woo-hoo!)

I’m thinking I should probably devote a day or two down the line to revising some of the stories I already have, but I’m not sure when that will happen.

The story I wrote today was about Death… which had me thinking a lot about… well… death and the people I know who’ve died in the past few years.

In particular, I’ve been thinking a lot about my friend Daniel Lent, who passed away about a month ago. He and his wife Kristie lived in Alaska and he was always wonderful, smart, funny, and kind. I met him through my interest in the Iditarod (where he and Kristie were huge supporters and volunteers). He was a vibrant part of the #MusherTwitter community as well as the #UglyDogs community (supporters of BraverMountain mushing, Blair Braverman and Quince Mountain). Last week, I taped an open letter to Dan as a tribute. I posted it today (and am reposting it here).

Meanwhile, on the way back up to the house, I spotted a house with Christmas lights up.

As you can see, the blue, green, and red lights move.

More later.

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