Day 22 — Stöðvarfjörður (And MORE LIGHTS)

Hiked a little in the morning. Did more work. Revised more stories.

Championed my new duck friend:

Watched the winds whip the water across the fjord and resigned myself to no Northern Lights tonight because it clouded over.

Went to see a goofy movie in the local guesthouse pool room. Fell asleep for 20 minutes in a very comfy chair I was sitting in.

And when we got out of the movie around 7:30, the Northern Lights were out.

So… more aurora pictures.

And they were even bright enough to get a fairly decent video:

Remember, this winter is peak-aurora season (in the 11-year aurora cycle) and it’s visible far further south than in most years. If it’s on your bucket list, go go go!

More later.

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