Day 24 –Stöðvarfjörður

I thought the other hike was long.

But this one was much longer. I was happy to go with my fellow artists (5 of us together), but realized too late that three of the four are a lot younger than me and none of the four was interested in stopping and listening and just being up on the mountain. Instead, they were always pressing ahead. Which was fine, although I was seriously lagging behind for most of the hike and didn’t feel like I could just stop and listen and be, which is my favorite thing to do when I hike on my own here.

I enjoyed the company, but am more sore than I’ve been in a long time. And I felt guilty about stopping to take photos because I was already behind and didn’t want to keep them waiting even longer.

Also, I took the Sitka P. Coldfoot Memorial Drone up this morning just after first light when there was a break in the wind, but for some reason the footage didn’t record. If we get a non-windy day tomorrow morning, I’ll give it another shot.

After the hike Uva (one of the other artists who was not on the hike) presented a show of the shadow puppetry he’d been working on, which was delightful (and relied heavily on imagery from his culture in Mexico). The rest of us will be presenting our work on Monday night and I’ll be reading two of the stories I’ve written (22 so far).

Life is excellent. Here’s some photos from today:

And a couple videos:

More later.

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