Day 25 — Stöðvarfjörður

If you told me that I’d go on hikes that were more than seven miles long two days in a row, I’d have laughed. That’s not the type of thing I generally do. Or ever do.

But here we are.

This morning, I got up early and decided to try to get some dawn footage from the Sitka P. Coldfoot Memorial Drone to make up for the footage not coming out yesterday. Even though it was cloudier, it looked kind of gorgeous. I posted this as a Reel on Instagram (with some music from Amy Engelhardt). Check it out here.

Energized, I came back and wrote a new story before 10:00. Then I decided I’d take a hike. But this time at my own pace and on the road, so I could stop whenever I needed to.

I knew I wanted to go to the end of the fjord, where there’s a nice beach and something called the Bird-Watching House. As I was walking, I decided to keep going to one of the waterfalls on the other side of the fjord. I’m glad I did. It was breathtaking.

Here’s a few photos from that hike:

This culminated with the photo of the waterfall, which is my favorite picture I’ve taken so far in Iceland. It looks like a painting, but I’ve done zero editing and there are no filters. It’s just this beautiful:

On the way back, after I’d gone more than seven miles, I started wishing someone would stop and give me a lift. Soon after I thought that (when I was at the cemetery at the edge of town), a van with two of the artists (and faithful Fish Factory pooch Tumi) pulled up to me and asked if I wanted a life. I gladly took that life. And later I thought “wait… did I just manifest this van to appear?”

Maybe. Maybe so.

After taking a nice long shower and having some food, I went down to the Fish Factory and revised the story I’d written that morning. (Number 23 in 25 days if you’re keeping score).

All of that would have made a pretty amazing day.

But there was more.

A brief, but colorful show of the Northern Lights followed in the early evening.

Life is good, friends. Life is good.

More later.

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