Day 26 – Stöðvarfjörður

Pretty socked in this morning. Watched the fog drift in over the fjord and went for a quick-ish walk in the morning.

I was down at the Fish Factory, revising a few old stories and working on one about what the fog actually means.

We’re having a public exhibition tomorrow where I’m going to read two of my stories (out of the 24 I’ve completed drafts of so far) and the other artists are going to present some of the work they’ve been doing here in the past month. It’s open to the public, but I’m guessing it’s a bit out of range for most of you.

Here are some photos of the fog today and one from the town’s Christmas market, held inside the school building. There were lots of crafts and foods made in the village and it all looked great. I had to take care of a few things (like mopping the house I’m staying in) and was waiting for Amy to arrive, but intended to go back before they closed and maybe buy a few things. The timing was a bit off and by the time I got back there, they were all packing up. (I did get a nice photo of a cat and a tree, though.)

Also, Amy is here! She did this residency back in February and I came to visit her here and now she’s back visiting me and doing a little recording for her new EP.

Too cloudy and fogged in for any Northern Lights tonight. But we did briefly head over to Saxa, where they are showing non-Christmas movies on Wednesdays and Christmas movies on Sundays. We and three other locals watched Gremlins, which apparently is now an official Christmas movie. (Who knew?) We didn’t stay for the whole movie, but it was a lot of fun to be there.

More later.

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