Day 28 — Stöðvarfjörður

The first group of people are leaving tomorrow morning.

It was appropriately cloudy and rainy this morning, but still unspeakably beautiful:

The sun is coming up around 10:00 these days, which is eerie and beautiful as well. By the time the sun came up, there was a bit of a rainbow as well.

We had a review meeting/debriefing with Vid and Vinny and all the artists for about an hour at noon and talked about what the experience was like for us.

I would totally come back here again given the time.

A lot of the others are packing up the studio and packing up their stuff to leave. I’m still plugging away (26 stories in 28 days).

Here’s a photo of the window of the room where I worked most days and where we held our exhibition last night. (Drone art by Martina and Sketches by Step are in the windows.)

I’m going to miss being here, even if one of my cat friends snubbed me when I tried to film him. (Don’t worry, he nuzzled up to me when the cameras weren’t around.)

In the evening, we all got together and had a meal together, which was really fun.

Safe travels to Clio, Mazz, Uva, and Joke in the morning!

More later.

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