Day 29 — Stöðvarfjörður (Plus Eskifjörður)

Four of the seven of us are gone.

Two artists from the other house and two from our house got up early, trudged downhill in the dark, and caught the bus to take the morning plane back to Reykjavik. I believe three of them are flying back in the afternoon or evening (and one will stay in Reykjavik for a few days).

The house feels empty-ish. Amy was working in the studio all day and I was writing another story that I think is likely to be the last piece in the book when it appears.

I also revised a couple of other pieces and recorded two to put up on Patreon.

Martina and Steph both cleared out their workspaces here in the downstairs studio (where I’m writing this in the morning).

Amy and I had talked about going to Eskifjörður to go to a lovely outdoor local pool with three hot tubs. We went there with a few people last year and it was a really fun outing.

This year, a couple people were interested, but the timing didn’t work out.

In the afternoon, Amy told me that she wanted me to shout out a punk-rock countdown for one of her songs, which I was happy to do since that’s basically one of my fantasies to do that. We taped it twice, once in English and once (as a tribute to Neil Innes and the Rutles) in German (Eins, svei, drei, vier!).

I nailed them in one take each. (Plus, look at the view out the studio window!)

It’s looking a bit empty around the studio, to be honest.

Around 4:30, Amy and I headed a few fjords down to Eskifjörður to the pool, which was lovely and relaxing. We had an Icelandic ice cream bar after and drove back through pitch black and light snow.

Back at the house, Steph and Martina made dumplings, we made a salad, and we had some yummy bread dipped in olive oil and balsamic.

Steph and Martina take off tomorrow early. Amy has one more day in the studio, I’ll do some cleaning and packing, and we’ll leave very early Friday.

It’s hard not to feel sad about leaving, but I’m also trying to soak up every last bit I can get of this place.

More later.

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