Day 30 — Stöðvarfjörður

Today is my last full day here.

The other two remaining people in our house got up early to catch a 6:45 a.m. bus to the airport in Egilstaddir. We’re flying out on the morning flight tomorrow, driving back there around the same time.

It snowed overnight here, which gave everything a wonderful feel.

Martina and Steph left this morning around 6:30 to go to Egilstaddir, where Amy and I will head tomorrow ourselves.

Amy was working all day in the recording studio, so I was in the downstairs studio working on a few things myself. I finished my 28th story in 30 days, which is fantastic. I’d hoped when I came here to write first drafts of 20-30 stories, so this is great (and on the high end of what I’d hoped for). In addition, I have the start of three additional stories (and notes on another 5 or 6 I’ll write in the next few weeks).

Any way you slice it, that’s pretty great.

I left around noon to go back to the house and do some cleaning and packing so I’m not stuck doing all that late tonight, then headed back down and did a bit more work.

Here are a few photos from today. (I also sent a few goofy videos to some of the artists who already left, showing them the empty studio.)

I’m having trouble adding video again this evening (so try clicking on the links). Such is the internet in the Eastfjords. I’ll try again when I’m in Egilstaddir or Reykjavik tomorrow and update this page then.

I started getting a bit sad this afternoon, realizing that this wonderful experience is coming to an end.

But I guess these things never really end if we can take them with us. And I definitely will with this.

Thanks, Vinny and Vid from the Fish Factory (as well as Clio, Joke, Martina, Mazz, Steph, and Uva).

Tomorrow it’s Egilstaddir and Reykjavik, which will feel positively crowded compared to Stöðvarfjörður.

More later.

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